V in Malaysia

Utilizing eco-friendly technology that efficiently converts EFB to high grade virgin pulp


The new Global Model for the world paper industry, Eco Palm Paper Sdn Bhd is incorporated in 2004 in the State of Pahang in Malaysia.

Eco Palm is a recycling-based company emphasizing on eco-friendly solutions and socially responsible ventures.

At Eco Palm, we are committed to utilize innovative and scientifically proven eco-friendly technologies to treat agricultural waste in a clean manner whilst producing a “green” product which contributes positively towards global environmental conservation.

With that innovative technology, Eco Palm is proud to operate the world’s first 50,000-tonne per year EFB pulp and paper plant in Pahang. The EFB produced there will be marketed to the paper industry as raw material for paper production.

Locally, Eco Palm pledges to provide positive socio-economic development benefiting the people and boost the industry development in Pahang through the employment of workers and other local complementary services, while preserving the natural state of the environment at the same time.

In view of the current global emphasis on environmental issues, our emphasis on “green” solutions will project a positive image of the State of Pahang to the world. Being an eco-friendly company, we aim to also instil positive and ethical values on the people of Pahang through the education of environmental conservation and sustainable environment.

Our objectives are to optimize the country’s renewable waste value through the implementation of “green” solutions that benefit the environment and contribute towards nation building. We are also dedicated to provide the global paper and packaging industry with cost effective and high quality pulp and paper products made from recycled palm oil waste.

With the production of non-wood “green” paper made from biomass waste of EFB mixed with recycled corrugated carton paper which generates fewer toxins and impacts the environment less, our goal is to create a new global commodity in the form of EFB paper and significantly reduce the reliance on wood-based paper.

We have also developed an environmental friendly, nontoxic pulping technology to produce world class pulp from palm oil EFB. Known as ‘green’ pulp, it can be used by the paper industry as an alternative raw material for paper production.

At Eco Palm, we are 100% committed to making a significant contribution to our environment as well as create an important long awaited product that will provide substantial cost savings for its users and allow them the opportunity to use and promote environmentally friendly, recycled products.


“ Our mission is guided by our core company values : EID which means Education, Innovation and Dedication.”

“ Our vision is to be a leader in “green” and environmentally responsible projects, a provider not only for today’s generation but also for generations yet to arrive.”