What does brand 'V' represent?


Our Logo Rationale

Our passion to be a leading provider of proprietary technologies involving the use of primary commodities to produce eco-friendly “green” products has inspired the creation on our “V” brand.

The “V” is a symbol of:

All V brand products are stringently produces to ensure sustainable development, therefore ensuring “Life on Earth” – which also serves as “V” brand’s positioning line.

Pulpco hold steadfastly to the tenets of sustainable development in preserving the environment for the sake of future generations.

A commitment to provide the global market with cost effective and high quality pulp and paper products made from recycled palm oil waste.

A positive effort to optimize the country’s recyclable wastes to benefit the environment and contribute towards nation building.

A worthwhile endeavor to create a new global commodity in the form of EFB paper and significantly reduce the reliance on wood-based paper worldwide.

V is truly the embodiment of Eco Palm’s commitment to preserve the environment with innovative eco-friendly products.